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Corporate Industry Knowledge
Elevator maintenance procedures
Elevator maintenance can be divided into : Week maintenance , monthly maintenance , six months warranty , one year warranty . If manufacturers have special requirements , in accordance with the manufacturers requirements (see DB11/040-94).

Maintenance Week
Basic requirements : 1 elevator requires maintenance once a week , no less than two hours , requires maintenance personnel to achieve a given person , timing, ladder maintenance. 2 elevators for each of the following parts to be inspected to ensure it is working properly , clean and lubricated. 2.1 the power switch, the safety switch . 1.1 The total gate control cabinet and the limit switch is complete without damage of the electrical components , wiring firmly. 2.1.2 Check the fuse , fuse contacts , the contacts securely , there should be no ignition phenomena . 2.1.3 emergency stop , safety windows, bottom , and other safety limit switch should be in good contact , the action is normal, and reliable. Allowed jumper . 2.2 traction machine : the appearance of the body should be clean and bright. 2.1 reducer a. Should run smoothly without abnormal vibration. b. gearbox oil level should be maintained within the specified oil level line . . c gearbox oil temperature does not exceed 85 ℃;.. 2.2.2 running motor should not have a motor friction sound , sound or other noise impact , if any, should be stopped ladder different sound check for dust and debris sliding bearings, whether damage. b. motor oil level should be near the oil immersion center. c. when the motor ambient temperature should not exceed 40 ℃, the temperature rise should not exceed nameplate . d. motor bearings channeling of not more than 4mm. 2.3 brake. 1.1 . Smooth reliable action , does not slip , shoe contact surface not less than 70 %. 2.3.2 When the brake is not opened , the shoe should hold together tightly , disc wheel disc should be able to move his hand . 2.3.3 brake is open, the gap should be the same on both sides , both sides of the average value of each of its four corners of the gap should not exceed 0.7mm. 2.3.4 . Brake opening and closing should be flexible and comfortable , the coil temperature does not exceed 60 ℃. 2 control cabinet, the electrical components inside 2.4.1 should work properly , the instrument accuracy . 2.4.2 without fever phenomenon , the contact point contact strict no adhesion burning phenomenon ; 2.4.3 Anti switch cabinet no oil no dust . 2.5 speed systems, wheel speed 2.5.1 : clean appearance , flexible movement , no significant month RBI , oil unobstructed , jaw rope at no foreign oil, wheel slots no abnormal wear. 3.2 up sheaves and safety gear unit : clean appearance , oil smooth , smooth rotation, tensioner felt refueling, each flexible safety gear linkage , jaw and face the side rail gap between 2-3mm . 4 layer selection system rotation and layer selection is part of the slide clean and sufficient oil , clean the contacts , the pressure is appropriate. 5 rooms, car door systems 2.7.1 hall , after the car door properly closed , door locks should be able to turn on the network ; minimum length of engagement of the locking element is 7mm, this time outside the hall doors should not be able to hand clawed . 2.7.2 Security touch panels, photovoltaic devices function reliably . 2.7.3 landing door , car door , rotating parts and slide : rotating parts cleaning , turn freely , filling lubricating on glideslope debris removal , the chute refueling, Diaomen wheel, door slider wear timely replacement . 2.7.4 Switch door mechanism : the door switch total程清洁, activities and rotating parts clean fuel, proper belt tension , non-skid, door opener remove carbon deposits , cleaning . 6 floor display system , the election outbound systems. 2.8.1 . Indicate normal function of each component , buttons move freely without jamming . 2.8.2 lighting display properly , clean and dust free . 2.9 hoistway systems 2.9.1 . Car, counterweight guide shoes clearance uniform, boots lining no serious wear and tear. 2.9.2 Oil boxes, oil brush without defects, track -oiled . 2.9.3 . Rope tension is uniform and no broken stocks. 2.10 Health , iron gate to the machine room of the corridor ; . Room ; jiaoding ; bottomless pit and other parts should be kept clean and free of garbage , remove oil and dirt .

Months warranty
Week month maintenance is based mainly on the maintenance of the lift member for cleaning , lubrication , inspection, in particular the inspection of the safety device . 3.1 reducer, 3.1.1 should be no abnormal noise reducer , remove surface dust grease . 3.1.2 To Rolling worm oil refueling, check the coupling without injury . 3.1.3 Check each rope sheave grooves worn are consistent traction wheel bolts fastening the various parts . 3.2 motors , generators, 3.2.1 clears its internal and external dust and oil. 3.2.2 . Velocimetry system is working properly , the transmission system without damage. 3.3 lubrication brake 3.3.1. Checking solenoid between the heart and the copper sleeve . 3.3.2 fastening the connecting bolts. 3.3.3 coil temperature does not exceed 60 ℃. 3.4 speed systems 3.4.1 . Clear clip rope jaw foreign body , oil . 3.4.2 Rotary pin site refueling. 3.4.3 Check the wheels and wheel speed limiter tension pulley groove , with or without abnormal wear . 3.4.4 Check the tensioning device and electrical switches and movement is normal . 3.5 The control cabinet , excitation cabinet . 3.5.1 Check Calvary electrical components, instrumentation, for insensitive and should adjust the replacement of damaged components . 3.5.2 Check the contactor, relay contacts ablation circumstances, such as serious irregularities should be repaired or replaced contacts. 3.5.3 Check the mechanical interlocking device , the operation should be adjusted unreliable . 3.6 rope, 3.6.1 . Checked rope corrosion and wear, rope locking bolts should , cotter pins are available. 3.6.2 . Rope tension should be uniform. 3.7 Office of the car door system clears all parts of dirt , oil , check the hanger wheel, door guide bearings , oil painting . 3.8 System 3.8.1 Clear selected layer of dust and grease all parts , electrical adjustment layer selection action gap or accuracy. 3.8.2 of steel wheels and axles up rope refueling , active carriage rails add oil. 3.9 Rail : The rail automatic lubricating device , should bear the machinery lubricants . 3.10 safety device , 3.10.1 check the site : phase failure protection , overspeed protection device, mechanical interlock device , the Office of the car door electromechanical interlock , emergency stop switch, switch repair inspection , security windows , limit , limit switch . 3.10.2 Each safety devices should be flexible and reliable, no jamming , remove grease all safety devices . 3.11 bottomless pit, pit cleaning debris , dust clears buffer and the parts to keep the pit dry.

Half year warranty
Half a month , mainly in the maintenance and maintenance on the basis of examination of the key parts of the elevator adjustment , maintenance . 4.1 motors , generators, 4.1.1 added bearing lubricants. 4.1.2 Check the carbon brush holder repair , cleaning, direction finder . 4.2 4.2.1 traction rope tension adjustment with less than 5% from the mean . 4.2.2 rope surface oil too , should be cleared . 4.2.3 Checking and rope rope rope combination plates are intact . 4.2.4 broken wire rope inspection and corrosion conditions 4.3.1 4.3 shoe cleaning automatic lubricating device , at the filling metal bearing grease . 4.3.2 fastening bolts guide shoes , boots and guide rails fixed positive gap should be specified. 4.3.3 Check the sliding guide shoe pad wear than the original thickness of 1 /4 should be replaced . Scroll wheel guide roller boots no abnormal sound , and found a plastic, fracture , wear, bearing damage should be replaced. 4.4 Opener 4.4.1 check the entire system , rotating parts filled grease. 4.4.2 door motor brush wear should be replaced over the original length of 1/2 . 4.4.3 Turn the system is reliable without injury . 4.5 Rail : Check plate rail , rail clips, rail brackets and welded parts should be no loose no open welding , and tighten the bolts around . Cleaning, removal of the corrosion site. 4.6 junction boxes and cables. 4.6.1 Check the terminal box and tighten each terminal, clear the dust. 4.6.2 Check the cables for hanging touch, damage, fastening cable rack bolts. 4.7 limit , limit switches, limit switches 4.7.1 on doing more testing process , the more away as 150 ~ 250mm, pin positions should be filled with oil . 4.7.2 overtravel limit switch 50 ~ 150mm, pin positions should be filled with oil .

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