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Elevator safety gear maintenance governor
The elevator is a vertical transport manned , safe operation must be in the first place . To ensure the safe operation of elevators , from all aspects of the design , manufacture, installation , etc. should give full consideration to prevent the occurrence of danger , and for a variety of possible danger , set up a dedicated entirely devices. The governor of the safety gear systems, safety devices that the protective effect of speeding and breaking the rope when the elevator happen. If the system can work properly, not only depends on the design and manufacturing , and more importantly, on routine maintenance.
National standard GB7588-1997 " elevator manufacturing and installation specifications" in Section 9.9.1 stipulates that manipulate the car safety gear device operation speed governor should occur at 115% of rated speed equal . But should be less than : a) for addition to the roller type not falling instantaneous safety gear apparatus 0.8m / s; b) the non- fall safety gear type roller means is 1.00m / s; c) the nominal speed less than or equal to 1.00m / s progressive safety gear device is 1.50m / s; d) for the rated speed progressive safety gear unit is greater than 1.00m / s was 1.25 +0.25 / v. For the rated speed exceeds 1.00m / s proposal elevator measured above the upper limit of the operating speed of approval. Section 9.9.4 stipulates that when the governor action, the governor rope tension of not less than the greater of the following two ; a) 300N, b) twice the amount of force required to work safety gear device .
300N pulling force by pulling the safety gear linkage arm pull , the whole body movements and flexible, even switch can operate simultaneously . After releasing the pull arm , institutions should be able to quickly respond to , but not the reset switch linkage . With the linkage motion , slide the wedge should be flexible in the clamp holder. Under normal circumstances, the guide rail side face wedge gap should be uniform and should be in the 2-3mm.
Fully discussed above necessary conditions and basic requirements for system safety gear speed limiter action , however, on the limiter safety gear inspection found that some lift due to poor maintenance , causing the safety device failed to reach normal operating requirements mainly the following problems : ( 1 ) due to repeated expansion and contraction of the governor spring is long state to change the speed setting operation ; ( 2 ) , long-term starvation rotating member , resulting in increased resistance to operation of the centrifugal swinging portion is not flexible ; ( 3 ) , the extension of the rope itself changes , causing tensioning device touching the ground, so that enough tension rope , slip occurs ; ( 4 ) , the link arm pull safety gear transmission parts in oil, rust , causing the lifting force greatly exceed 300N ; ( 5 ) , the initiative ends with safety gear lever linkage switching distance is too large, when the lift arm to pull the switch can not be operated simultaneously ; ( 6 ) wedge and rail side face the gap is too big , lift the rod forward, wedge card live rail ; ( 7 ) , too much oil in the wedge , wedge pull arm after release can not be reset , causing damage to the rail . These problems not only make the system utterly useless , and people are likely to have a psychological paralysis, more potential hazards. Therefore, the strengthening of the governor , safety gear maintenance, to prevent the occurrence of major accidents is necessary. Specifically should do the following points:
( 1 ) the governor should wash checks. Rotating shaft pin , shaft and sleeve tensioning device should squeeze every once fortified base lubricant . Tension should be consistent tensioning device , part of the axis of rotation pin oiling once a week , cleaned once a year , do not remove seals at the centrifugal oil lashing equipment should be cleaned regularly to maintain flexible movement . Governor rope elongation beyond the prescribed range, the rope should be truncated . Every two years by the authorities to check a second governor tripping speed , to ensure that within their movement speed in the national standard.
( 2 ) safety gear linkage should be added monthly oil lubrication 1, while tightening to ensure rapid transmission of pulling force to the safety gear rod, and not more than 300N. Adjust the loose springs, screws, pins and other parts. Wedge clamp seat dab of Vaseline once a month . Regular cleaning safety gear wedge adjustment , remove the oil inside the deposition ensure action clamp block flexible.
In short . The governor of the safety gear system is a very important safety device for an elevator , the movement is normal or only related to the safe operation of the elevator itself , but also related to the safety of people's life and property . Therefore , elevator maintenance units to strengthen the use of safety devices is necessary. Meanwhile, the elevator supervision and inspection agencies must also strengthen the elevator safety management, in particular to strengthen the security apparatus of the elevator inspection and testing to ensure elevator safety and efficient operation .

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